Hi everyone,

My name is Salma and I am not a professional chef. In fact, I have never been good at cooking before I got a InstaPot. I can safely term this as my best investment for 2016.

Instant Pot is my most-favorite kitchen appliance now. I have created this small blog to share my personal experiences with my InstaPot electric pressure cooker. Read on to find out why I love it and how this has become my most-used kitchen appliance.

Key Features of InstaPot

  • instapotSafe and extremely user-friendly
  • Slow cooker, pressure cooker and steamer: All in one
  • Offers a lot of functionalities including yogurt making, Saute/browning
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Consumes less power
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Can cook almost anything
  • Perfect for cooking rice
  • Minimalist control panel

I  got my Instant Pot on Amazon prime day at a ridiculously discounted price. Since then I have tested a lot of recipes with it and never got disappointed. I have made yogurt with it and it was great. I have also used my instant pot to hard boil eggs. Have also used instapot for making chicken stew and molten lava cake and it was impressive.

Different Models of Instant Pot

InstaPot comes in 3 different models: LUX, DUO and SMART.

LUX was the very first model of instapot that was launched and it took the market by storm. It was a massive success. It is a 6-in-1 programmable electric pressure cooker that makes your life easy. LUX was made available in two sizes; 5 and 6 Qt. The LUX model has 10 built-in programs.

Instapot DUO came after LUX with some extra features and hence, got a lot more sales as compared to LUX. The DUO comes with an added feature of yogurt making which makes your life easy and lets you make healthy yogurt at your home. Other than that, the LUX model didn’t allow Slow cooking whereas DUO model is improved and allows both high and low pressure cooking. DUO model is available in 3 sizes; 5,6 and 8 Qt. The DUO model has 14 built-in programs.

Then comes the Instapot SMART, which is the most advanced of all. It contains all the features of DUO model plus a bluetooth. That means it can be controlled right from your smartphone. Exciting, right? Hell yeah. You can download any recipes in instant pot app and cook it from your smart phone. The SMART model is only available in 6 Qt. size. It has 14 built-in programs PLUS you can download a lot other using the app.

Fast forward to 2017, Instant Pot has become my most frequently used kitchen appliance. This is only because of it’s excellent features that allow me to cook healthy and nutritious food all the time. Above all, it’s completely safe with it’s lid locking mechanism. It won’t start until the lid lock is in place and it won’t open until all the pressure has been released. Its energy efficient technologies are good for environment and save you a lot in terms of energy as compared to other electric pressure cookers that consume loads of power.

This video explains all features of an instant pot: